Tribal Council

Back Row: Treasurer Wade Pahmahmie, Member Raphael Wahwassuck, Vice Chairman Zach Pahmahmie, Member William Evans Front Row: Member Shirley Trull, Chairman Joseph Rupnick, Secretary Camilla Chouteau

The Tribal Council is the elected government of the nation. Its primary duties are to author the nation’s laws and policies and to serve as the decision-making authority on budgets and investments.

For carrying out laws and policies, the council created a tribal administration. Overall, the administration ensures that services, as decided by the council, are provided to nation members.

The Tribal Council consists of seven members. The terms are staggered. Each Tribal Council member has responsibility for certain duties listed in the Potawatomi Constitution. One of their main duties is to protect the health, peace, morals, education, and welfare of the tribe.

Historical Timeline of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribal Council

Current Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribal Council

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Joseph “Zeke” Rupnick

Chair Person

Term: 2018-2022

Zach Pahmahmie

Vice Chair Person

Term: 2016-2020

Wade Pahmahmie


Term: 2020 - 2024

Camilla Chouteau


Term: 2018-2022

Shirley Trull


Term: 2019-2020

Raphael J. Wahwassuck


Term: 2018-2020

William “Bill” Evans


Term: 2018-2022