January 28, 2020
January 30, 2020


Wade Pahmahmie

  • Term: 2017-2020
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  • Assistant: Josette Berryhill
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  • P) 785-966-4005
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Hello I am Wade Pahmahmie.  I see a great opportunity to help the Tribe as an elected official with my education and several years of experience in Tribal Finance as well as feel driven to do so as my duty as a Tribal Member. With my experience in Tribal Finance along with my personal qualities of determination, trustworthiness, loyalty, respect, and dedication as proven over the past 17 consecutive years serving in the Tribe’s Finance Department, now is the time for me to step forward and exercise these traits as Treasurer.

As Treasurer and a voting member of the Tribal Council, I will utilize my resources to oversee the finances of the Tribe as well as make decisions in the best interest of the Tribe. I will also provide reports to the General Membership that provide a clear picture of the Tribe’s financial position and answer any questions that Tribal Members have about the Tribe’s finances.

My education and experience qualifications start with my double majors in Finance and Business Management from Washburn University’s School of Business. Not too long after graduating from Washburn I came to work for the Tribe as the Contract Specialist (6 years), I was then promoted to the position of Accountant II (5 years), from there I was promoted to the position of Assistant Controller (3 years) and then on to the position as the Director of Finance (3 years). I feel very fortunate to have received the opportunity to attend a quality university such as Washburn through our Tribe’s Education Program and then to have the opportunity to give back to the Tribe with 17 years of service after graduation.

In my years with the Tribe’s Finance Department I have worked directly with the Tribe’s Federal and State Contracts and Grants, monitored our bank and investment accounts, worked directly with our CPA firms on both our Internal and External Audits, filed Federal and State Employer Tax Returns, served on the Budget Committee and have worked directly with the office of the Tribal Council Treasurer. My duties in various positions have also allowed me to work with our Casino, Gaming Commission and LLC and to also have a firsthand knowledge of our Tribe’s cash flow requirements. Understanding the cash flow needs of the Tribe is a very critical aspect in managing and planning for budgeting purposes as well as for managing the day to day financial operations of the Tribe.

Our casino is the Tribe’s main source of income as we all know and will be for many years to come, I look forward to having the opportunity to work more closely with the Management and Board of Directors to ensure that the gaming operation runs as efficiently as possible. In addition to the Casino, there are several other areas for us to maximize our income opportunities to help support our Tribal Programs and provide additional jobs. As our LLC continues to expand I look forward to also working with their Management and Board to expand our economic development opportunities in order to further diversify beyond gaming.

Internally we have several Tribal Programs that generate income in which there are opportunities for them to become more self-sufficient in a drive to become less reliant on Tribal Supplement Revenues (Gaming and Tax Income) for day to day operations. Tribal Programs becoming self-sufficient allows the Tribe to utilize our Gaming and Tax Income for Economic Development projects which are a direct benefit to all Tribal Members. Contracts and Grants are always a welcome source of income beyond Tribal Supplements and we should always strive to take advantage of each grant opportunity available.

Some of the more significant accomplishments that I have played a major role in working with the Tribe’s Treasurer and Finance Department in recent years include issuing Corrected 1099’s for tax years 2011-2013 as part of the Tribal General Welfare Exclusion Act allowing Tribal Members the opportunity to file amended tax returns in order to obtain refunds for income taxes paid on their Housing Grants. We have caught up our Indirect Cost Agreements after a lengthy backlog going back to 2001. Indirect Cost Revenue is generated through our Contracts and Grants and reimburses the Tribe for necessary overhead costs associated with functions such as Accounts Payable, Payroll, Accounting, Human Resources, Administration, Building Maintenance and Information Technology just to name a few. We have refined the Per Cap process to streamline our quarterly distributions as well as improve the annual tax filing process. Our Financial Management Policies and Procedures have been brought up to date to ensure compliance with Federal Regulations as well as to strengthen our internal controls. The annual budget process has been streamlined in order to make it a more efficient process and a more useful tool in managing the Tribe’s current budget as well as planning for future projects and operations. These are just a few of the more major accomplishments and I look forward to working with the Finance Department and General Manager teams to continually move forward making improvements and planning ahead so we are ready for any challenges coming our way. I don’t believe we can ever be satisfied with where we are and must always be looking for ways to serve our Tribe better.

As a Tribal Member growing up in the local area and living on the Reservation I have always had a great interest in the Tribe’s current events and culture. Being able to work for the Tribe over the past several years has been a very meaningful and fulfilling experience for me. Despite long hours on the job, the work I am able to accomplish is much more satisfying knowing that I am positively contributing every day to help the Tribe. With this being said I look forward to serving the Tribe for many years to come in whatever opportunity passes my way.

  • Tax Commission Chairman 2017 – 2020