Tax Commission

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To strengthen and preserve the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation as a sovereign government, a Prairie Band Potawatomi Tax Commission has been formed and appointed by the Tribal Council as the Nation’s designated taxing authority.

PBPN Law and Order Codes Title 10 (General Taxation) and Title 13 (Business Licensing) outline simple, fair, straightforward and efficient procedures to be used for the licensing and regulating of certain conduct, and the levy and collection of certain taxes.

In addition, Tribal Council authorizes the Tax Commission to regulate the production and handling of Hemp within the Nation’s territory under Title 32 Hemp Legalization and Control Ordinance. The Tax Commission will maintain information, available to all licensees, on approved samplers and other guidance necessary to be compliant with this Ordinance.

Members of the Tax Commission include three (3) members who are appointed by Tribal Council.