Lorrie Melchior

  • Term: 2022-2026
  • Email:
  • Assistant: Deanna Brewer
  • Assistant Email:
  • P) 785-966-4022
  • F) 785-966-4024

Lorrie Melchior, “Qua-Shee” (Wahwassuck)


My interests as elected Tribal Council Secretary are positivity, organization, accountability, and communication. Expressing interests in positive and healthy ways create consistency and accountability for our Nation. Communication is key, especially with our Tribal Members. The importance of our health, enrollment, and education of Tribal Members is essential for posterity. Continuing governance, structure, and moving forward with solutions that benefit all.

  • Familiar with Nation’s organizational operations of our government and business processes. Practicing the duties of our Nation’s Constitution, policies, and procedures have been a broad experience. Roles as appointed Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation’s Enrollment Review Committee, Chair and Employee Disputes Tribunal, Chair enlightened me to understanding our governmental operations and Judicial Council. Consistency, commitment, and understanding are important for future generations to come. With that, it helps to keep the flow of our government, businesses, and operations positive and open to innovative ideas.
  • 19 year’s work experience with the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, I have become familiar with our Nation’s organizational operations of our government, business, departments, as well as understanding the duties of the Tribal Council Secretary elected position. Presently my duties as the Legislative Assistant of our PBPN Tribal Council Secretary benefits the practice of the elected position. Knowledge of our Nation’s Constitution, policies, and procedures have been a rewarding experience while appointed to our Nation’s Enrollment Review Committee, Chair and Employee Disputes Tribunal, Chair. Worked 2 years at Prairie Band Casino in Customer Service as a Players Card Representative.
  • Growing up and living in the community of our Prairie Band Potawatomi Common Land, raised under Drum Religion, I was taught by my parents and relatives to respect many religious practices. I am married, have the support of my husband, Jonathan, of four children and four grandchildren. Joined the Army National Guard as a Heavy Equipment repair person 62B. Volunteered 19 years as a member of our We-Ta-Se American Legion Post 410 having dedicated veterans’ status, served as a Vice Commander and Commander of our Legion & later joined our American Legion Auxiliary Unit 410.
  • As a parent, volunteering for our Prairie Band Potawatomi Head Start and Early Head Start Policy Council and the Title VI Indian Education Committee, which are especially important involving our children’s education, well-being, while participating in various School District functions.
  • Graduate with my Master of Business Administration Degree, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree, and Management of Applied Science Degree from Bryan University. Utilizing my degrees previously as Director of our We-Ta-Se Department and presently with our Nation’s committees I serve providing experience. Along with my education and secretarial background, I’ve excelled in our Administrative Department possessing excellent computer skills with all program software which come with the Tribal Council Secretary role.


Lorrie Melchior