Building Maintenance & Construction

16257 Q Road, Mayetta, KS 66509 | P. 785-966-4023

Building Maintenance Mission Statement

The mission of this department is to strive to achieve the continuous maintenance, repair, and timely service of the Nation’s facilities, properties and various equipment. Building Maintenance provides a safe, clean and well functioning environment for the Nation’s workforce.

This department also manages the use of the Rock House and Old Bingo Hall. Scroll down for more details on building rental.

To download a copy of the Lawn Mowing and Firewood Request form Click Here.

Staff Duties

Administration: Director, Assistant Construction Manager, Building Facilities Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Janitorial Coordinator, Landscaping Coordinator and Concrete Foreman

Construction/Carpentry: Three construction/concrete employees

Electrical: One Licensed Journeyman Electrician

Custodial: Six custodians that overlap shifts to accommodate building openings and closings

Landscaping: Five landscapers/wood cutters and two summer contractual employees that care for tribal facility grounds, cemeteries, and tribal housing needs

General Maintenance & HVAC: Three skilled laborers with one HVAC certified

Skilled Tradesmen & Laborers: All crew members have experience in drywall, painting, roofing, cabinetry, carpentry, gardening, masonry, piping, and operating heavy equipment.

Certified Pool Operator: One staff member tends the Boys & Girls club pool and the Senior Housing spa.

Building Rental

To rent the Rock House or the Old Bingo Hall contact Administrative Assistant Kristina Throssell at the phone number listed above or by email at

Old Bingo Hall Deposit – $50

Rock House Deposit – $30

Cash Only

Staff Duties

The department is comprised of one employee who shares in the duties of being a construction manager, building maintenance director, and participation with Prairie Band Construction.

The Construction Manager’s responsibilities are typically focused within the following areas although are not limited by them:

Assist the Tribal Council, General Manager, and all PBPN departments in planning for new construction, remodeling, maintenance, and operation of the physical plant;
Design assistance to ensure design matches needed when using outside vendors;
Procure bidding or establish contractors for design/build for projects;
Ensure that the initial planning, survey, and planning are in order to best assist the contractor and to enhance meeting budgetary guidelines and timelines of the Nation;
Analysis of mechanical or structural compromises or failures, procure professional opinion or analysis if applicable, devise a remediation plan, and to initiate the plan;
Other duties as assigned.