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Mission Statement

The Prairie Band Potawatomi Education Department strives to achieve an increase in leadership qualities through supporting all students in grades K-12 and through the promotion of higher education. We provide financial assistance to students in grades K-12 and we provide scholarship awards and student grants to assist enrolled members with financial resources: to meet higher educational goals; and to increase employment through training opportunities that enhance job skills and/or technical skills.

Education Committee

The Education Committee assists the Education department in making recommendations in the implementation of the Education Program and in approving educational grants for students.

This Committee is composed of five members with lifetime appointments made by the Tribal Council. Current committee members include: Jason Hale, Adele Wahwassuck, Mary Mitchell, Arlene Wahwasuck and Mary Wilson.

Programs and Applications

The Education Department has six programs designed to meet the educational needs of all tribal members. Policies for all programs are combined into one packet.

Click here for Education Program Policies.

Adult Education

The Adult Education Program provides student grants for tribal members for assistance with GED preparation and exam fees, registration fees for conferences and/or workshops; tuition when taking only one college course, employment enrichment training/courses, professional licensure fees, continuing education units and other appropriate education activity.

Click here for Adult Education Grant Application Form

Job Placement and Training Program

Formerly known as the AVT Program, the Job Placement and Training program provides student grants for tribal members to attend vocational technical schools. This includes traditional (9-12 month programs) and non-traditional (less than 9 months) programs. Students attend training in programs such as massage therapy, cosmetology, truck driving school, and traditional vocational training: Computer technology, welding, carpentry, etc.

Click here for Job Placement Training Program Form

Higher Education Undergraduate Program

Deadlines are July 1st for Fall semester and November 1st for Spring Semester.

The Undergraduate Program provides scholarships to eligible tribal members to work towards and obtain a bachelor’s degree in their chosen field.

**Full time students are awarded scholarships based on their year in college:

Freshman – $4000/semester      |    Junior – $5000/semester
Sophomore – $4500/semester   |    Senior – $5500/semester

** Students attending Haskell or Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute are eligible for $3000/semester if living on campus and $4000/semester if living off campus.

**Part-time students (6-11 credit hours) are eligible for the exact cost of tuition, books, and fees, not to exceed full-time awards. Applications must be submitted and complete by the deadlines to be eligible.

Undergraduate Grant Application Form – Choose this packet if you are:
– a first-semester freshman
– applying for this grant for the first time
– have had a break in funding
– transferred

Undergraduate Grant Renewal Form – Choose this packet if you:
– have been funded previously with this grant with no breaks in funding

Financial Aid Package Form – To be completed by school’s Financial Aid Office

Higher Education Graduate Program

The Graduate Program provides scholarships to eligible tribal members to work towards and obtain one master’s degree and one doctorate degree.

**Full-time students are eligible for a maximum of $6000 per semester to be used for tuition, fees and books.

**Part-time students are eligible for exact costs only, not to exceed $6000.

Graduate Grant Application Form – Choose this packet if you are:
– applying for the first time for aid with a Master’s Doctorate Degree
– have had a break in funding

Student Services Program (K-12)

The program provides financial assistance for school related activities. Eligible students must be an enrolled member of the PBP Nation and enrolled in public, private or home school.

**K-8 grade students are eligible for financial assistance up to $250 per calendar year

** 9-12 grade students are eligible for financial assistance up to $400 per calendar year

Click here for Student Services Application.

Johnson O’Malley Program

The mission of the Johnson O’Malley Program is to provide financial assistance to meet the specialized and unique educational needs of eligible Indian children. The J.O.M. program is a federal program and receives a grant through assist with enrollment fees and basic school supplies.

Eligibility Requirements:

1. Students must be a member of a federally recognized tribe or provide documentation that they are ¼ total Indian blood.

2. Students must be at least 3 years of age to 12th grade in the following school districts:

USD 321 – Kaw Valley
USD 335 – Jackson Heights
USD 336 – Holton
USD 337 – Royal Valley

Johnson O’Malley Indian Education Committee

The JOM Committee assists in carrying out the goals and objectives of the Johnson O’Malley program. The primary goal is to provide financial assistance to meet the specialized needs of Indian Children. Current members include Adele Wahwassuck, Josie Pahmahmie, Tina Levier, Chago Hale and Shawnna Wabaunsee.

Student Spotlight

The PBPN Student Spotlight is designed to highlight students achievements. Students can be recognized for significant sports, academics or extracurricular activities with submissions to be published each quarter in the Potawatomi News. Click here for more details!


All Students must submit an official transcript after each semester. E-scripts are acceptable and may be sent to

In order to keep all files up to date, our office must have a transcript on file. If you have graduated, please submit an official transcript reflecting your degree.

Partners in Education

The PBPN Education Department has partnered with several schools to better assist tribal members.

Friends University

Bryan University

Rasmussen College

Funding Resources

Scholarship Resources
KU Pell grant


Minors Trust

The Education department assists Corp First Bank with the handling of forms for Minors Trust disbursements.