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The Nation’s Finance Department contains the following subdivisions:

Accounting: Verifies transactions and records them in the general ledger system and reconciles account line items for accurate reporting information, and maintains fixed asset accounting system for asset tracking and depreciation calculations

Tribal finance: monitors cash, investments and projected outcomes

Cash: Tracks and deposits receipts into the banks, records into the general ledger system and cash flow management

Grants: The mission of the Grants manager is to develop programs and projects in coordination with program directors and the Tribal Council. All development must be in synchronization with program planning and guidance from the Tribal Council. The grant manager monitors and files reports to the appropriate agencies for Federal and State contracts and grants. For more information call (785) 966-4054.

Reporting: Compile financial data for the Treasurer’s Report given at the quarterly General Council meetings, prepare monthly reports and annual reports

Accounts Payable: Receives invoices and purchase orders, reconciles invoices to vendor statements, enters data into the computer and generates the checks for mailing and distribution, preparation of 1099 reporting information

Payroll: Processes pay for employees and tracking leave time off as well as reporting information for each 401K retirement plan, 125 cafeteria plans, deductions for optional life, supplemental health, garnishments, and also reporting to the Federal and State governments for withholding taxes, unemployment insurance, and filing quarterly and annual returns

Cost Accounting: Monitors construction costs for projects underway and classifies completed projects to be capitalized by calculating depreciation expense to be recorded in the general ledger system

Budgeting: Track budget to actual expenses, monitor, prepare and assist departments with budget processes and modifications

Property and Liability Insurance: Responsible for adding, deleting and filing claims on tribal assets and properties, documents and tags items over $100 in a database for tracking inventory and insurance purposes

Receiving: Verifies orders delivers and distributes supplies to the various departments, research bids for supplies and orders supplies for stockroom inventory

File Retention: Maintain electronic filing system and hard copy filing of financial documents

Per Capita: Maintains the data base for the Nation’s membership, calculates, verifies and distributes per capita payments, prepare federal withholding payments, prepare annual 1099’s reconcile accounts, and records transactions into the general ledger system

Procurement/Purchasing: Secures bids, process and acquire goods, materials and services, assist in construction activities, and works with vendors and various departments/programs.

Enterprise Funds: Provide accounting and management assistance and sets up and/or monitors the activities of tribally owned businesses

  • PBPN Health Clinic
  • Athletic Commission
  • Tax Commission

Component Units: Provides accounting and management assistance for the operation and monitor activity

  • PBP Housing Authority
  • Limited Partnership #1 (Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program)
  • Limited Partnership #2 (Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program)
  • Limited Partnership #3 (Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program: Southwood Estates)
  • We-Ta-Se (American Legion Post 410)
  • PBP Boys & Girls Club
  • Prairie Band Propane (Accounting performed by Component Unit, managed by PBP LLC)
  • PBP Gaming Commission (Accounting performed by the Component Unit)
  • Prairie Band Casino & Resort (Accounting performed by the Component Unit)
  • Prairie Band Construction, Inc.(Accounting performed by the Component Unit, managed by PBP LLC)
  • Prairie Band Health Services, Inc.(Accounting performed by the Component Unit, managed by PBP LLC)

Surplus Inventory

The Finance Department is tasked with disposing of surplus inventory.  Surplus inventory is posted on the following web site: As a potential consumer of surplus property, you will need to register with this web site at no cost to you. For assistance contact the Help Line at 1-800-613-0156 ext. #2.