In 2010, the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation took an affirmative step towards long-term economic stability by creating Prairie Band, LLC a wholly-owned holding company with the express purpose of diversifying, managing and expanding the economic interests of the Nation beyond the realm of Indian gaming. In mid-2011, Prairie Band, LLC was granted initial funding, and began its targeted focus.

Today the Prairie Band, LLC consists of eight subsidiary companies: Mill Creek, Potawatomi Retail, Prairie Band Ag, Prairie Band Capital, Prairie Band Construction, Prairie Band Distribution, Prairie Band Health Services, and Prairie Band Propane.

A Board of Directors has independent oversight of the long term goals and strategies of Prairie Band, LLC. The Board of Directors is comprised of two members of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Tribal Council along with three other members. Current members include Zach Pahmahmie – Chairperson, Jona Rupnicki – Vice Chairperson, Corey Mzhickteno – Secretary, William Evans – Board Member and Tracy Stanhoff – Board Member.

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