Gaming Commission

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The Potawatomi Tribal Gaming Commission is the nation’s regulatory entity for all gaming enterprises. The commission issues gaming licenses and is responsible for ensuring all gaming employees undergo background investigations.

The purpose of regulation is to provide a statutory basis for the operation of gaming as a means of promoting economic development, self-sufficiency, and strong national governments. Furthermore, regulation is needed to shield the nation from organized crime and other corrupting influences.

These measures ensure that the nation is the primary beneficiary of the gaming operation and that the operator and players conduct that gaming fairly and honestly.

The Potawatomi Tribal Gaming Commission is elected by the nation’s General Council to serve four-year terms. The Potawatomi Tribal Gaming Commission, initiated in 1994, is recognized as a political subdivision of the nation receiving funding from a small percentage of the casino’s gross operating revenue. The commission regulates all gaming activities under Title 12 of the Potawatomi Law and Order Code.

Gaming Commissioners

Gaming Commissioner #1 – Joseph “Chago” Hale Jr. | 2021-2025   


Gaming Commissioner #2 – Joe Mitchell | 2021-2025


Gaming Commissioner #3 – Rey Kitchkumme | 2022 – 2026