Tribal Attorney

16281 Q Road, Mayetta, KS 66509 | P. 785-966-3922

The Nation started its in-house attorneys’ office in mid-1997. The primary purpose and function of the attorneys’ office is to provide legal services upon request for the Tribal Council and for national government in general. Internally, the office provides legal advice for the Nation’s governmental activities in such areas as the Tribal Code, law enforcement, housing, the court, the fire department, and the environmental protection and zoning office. The attorney’s office also provides legal services to the Nation in connection with its relationship with the state of Kansas, the U. S. Government, and the Indian gaming business.

The attorney’s principal purpose is to research and develop legal resources and strategies that serve the interests of the people and protect the Nation’s sovereignty and jurisdictional powers from non-Indian encroachment. The office has assisted in amending the Constitution; establishing an official Tribal Code; managing a system for transferring national land to U.S. trust; and initiating and pursuing PBP Nation tag litigation in federal district court. The attorney’s office is prohibited from taking sides in political disputes within Tribal Government and is prohibited from providing legal services to individual members of the Nation in personal matters.