Member Services

16281 Q Road, Mayetta, KS 66509
P. 866-277-3722 or 785-966-3910  | F. 785-966-3950 | ONLINE BILL PAY

The Member Services Department processes all official documentation for enrolled Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation tribal members. This includes enrollment, elections, burial and the Vision Service Program. Member Services also assists the Education Department with Minors Trust documents.


  • The Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Enrollment Review Committee oversees tribal enrollment.
  • Applications for enrollment are available through the Member Services Department upon request.
  • Incomplete applications will be returned to prospective members with 30 days to make revisions before the application goes before the Enrollment Review Committee to determine eligibility.


Burial Fund

The Burial Fund was established to help ease the financial burden of funeral expenditures at the time of an enrolled member’s death. The Burial Fund may only be amended or terminated by a vote of the General Council, with a quorum present, and final approval by the Secretary of the Interior.

  • The burial benefit will pay up to $6,000 in burial costs per eligible tribal member.
  • Tribal members with funeral expenses for a stillborn or premature death of an infant (within the first 12 months of life) can be reimbursed for up to $500 to be paid to a funeral home for burial.
  • Required forms are located in the Members Only Portal or are available through the Member Services Department upon request.
  • All burial allowance applications and statements must be filed with the Tribal Council within one year from a member’s date of death.

Vision Service Plan

The Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation provides vision insurance to all enrolled tribal members. The cost of the plan is paid for by the Nation.

Minors Trust

The Minors Trust is operated by Providence First Trust Company.

  • Contact Member Services for questions.
  • Update your address with Member Services – Official Change of Address Form
  • Contact Education for forms 785-966-3981.