Planning & Environmental Protection

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FOR CERCLA 128(a) Tribal Response Program Public Record Click Here


To develop and administer a Planning & Environmental Protection Program that provides all appropriate planning, environmental services and protection of health and wildlife habitats for the PBPN  jurisdiction in a manner that is compatible with the Potawatomi culture.


The Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Division of Planning and Environmental Protection currently manage programs to protect and restore the environment, while serving the day to day environmental needs of the community and tribal membership.

  • Water Resources Programs
    • Water Quality-Surface and Ground Water Monitoring
    • Wetlands
    • Nonpoint Source Pollution
  • Air Program
    • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring
    • Indoor Air Quality
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Healthy Homes
  • Solid Waste Management
    • Waste disposal service
    • Waste reduction service
    • Bio-solid and food waste composting
    • Construction and demolition landfill
    • Household hazardous waste collections
  • CERCLA 128(a) Tribal Response
  • Wastewater Management
  • Environmental Education
  • Tribal Orchard Management
  • Planning, Zoning, and Emergency Management

Supplementary Services Available Upon Request

The Division provides several services to support the Tribe’s solid waste management goals for the Reservation.  These services are provided to residents only.

  • Abandoned Vehicle Program – The Division purchases abandoned vehicles from residents for $50.00. The vehicles are then sold to scrap yards with a return normally 150% more than the purchase price. For Abandoned Vehicle form click here.
  • Community Request for Assistance – The Division assists residents with the removal of large waste items (appliances, electronics, furniture) on an appointment basis.  Customers pay for the disposal based on the size of the load as assessed by the staff.  For Community Request for Assistance Form click here.
  • Community Tire Disposal – The Division will assist in the disposal of tires for residents. For the request form click here. 
  • Community-Use Trailer Rental-The Division provides a 14-foot dump trailer to residents upon request.  The trailer is rented for a period of seven days at a cost of $140.00 Customers may dispose of any non-hazardous material using the trailer. For Community-Use Trailer form click here.
  • Sanitation Request for Assistance-The Division operates a vacuum pump truck with the capacity to empty residential septic tanks.  Residents can request the service by appointment at the cost of $80.00.  For Sanitation Request form click here.

  • Special Event Waste Disposal and Recycling  – The Division provides waste disposal service for special events within the Potawatomi Reservation. Click here for full policy and form.
  • Community Service Administration – The Division coordinates with the Tribal Court to administer community service duties. Community service workers conduct roadside and dumpster clean-ups.


Environmental compliance for the Prairie Band Potawatomi Reservation is guided by the following Potawatomi Law and Order Codes:

  • Title 9 Environmental Protection
  • Title 15 Criminal Offenses
  • Title 21 Solid Waste, Environmental/Sanitation, Building Codes

In addition to the tribal Law and Order Codes, residents are expected to comply with federal and state environmental regulations when applicable. In such cases, the Department of Planning and Environmental Protection would facilitate coordination between state/federal agencies and the Tribe.

The Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation judicial system does enact enforcement mechanisms for criminal violations of environmental codes. The Department of Planning and Environmental Protection will work with the Tribal Police Department, Tribal Court and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that enforcement measures are channelled appropriately.


The Planning Commission consists of four nation members and three non-nation members, all whom reside on the Reservation or within two miles. Members of the Planning Commission, appointed to three-year terms, meet once a month to review all Special Use Permits (which include manufactured housing use); any variances for Building Permits; and re-zoning and lot split applications. They also make recommendations for updates to the Land Use Plan and Zoning Regulations for the Potawatomi Reservation. The Planning Director serves as staff for the Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission meetings are scheduled for the first Tuesday of every month. Please contact the Planning and Environmental Protection in advance of the monthly meeting to confirm the location and other details.

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