2018 Election Candidates & Profiles

There are currently three open elections, one regularly scheduled election, and two special elections. All three elections are running concurrently and all candidates for the open positions will be placed on one ballot.

Respective candidates are listed by filing order. Photos and biographies are posted upon receipt from each candidate.

Candidate Profiles

Tribal Council Chairperson

Stephen Ortiz “Monwah”

Stephen Ortiz “Monwah” Profile

Liana Onnen

Liana Onnen Profile

Joseph “Zeke” Rupnick

Joseph “Zeke” Rupnick Profile

Dorothy Kiyukan

Dorothy Kiyukan Profile

Tribal Council Secretary

Warren Wahweotten, “Junior”

Warren Wahweotten “Junior” Profile

Anna Wahwassuck Boswell Profile

Michelle Simon

Michelle Simon Profile

Camilla Wishkeno Chouteau

Camilla Wishkeno Chouteau Profile

Tribal Council Member #1

Chago Hale

Chago Hale Profile

Tony Wahweotten

Tony Wahweotten Profile

Peggy Nioce Houston

Peggy Nioce Houston Profile


Theresa Jessepe Murray

Theresa Jessepe Murray Profile

William “Bill” Evans

William “Bill” Evans Profile

Marlena Jordan

Marlena Jessepe Jordan Profile

Special Election: Tribal Council Member #3 (term ends 2020)

Jona Potts Rupnicki

Jona (Potts) Rupnicki Profile

Joyce Kitchkommie Guerrero

Joyce Kitchkommie Guerrero Profile

Tamara (Lewis) McClammy

Tamara (Lewis) McClammy Profile

Raphael J. Wahwassuck

Raphael J. Wahwassuck Profile

Gaming Commissioner #3

Rey Kitchkumme

Rey Kitchkumme Profile

Chaumin Wahweotten

Chaumin Wahweotten Profile

Raymond Wahweotten

Raymond Wahweotten Profile

Larry Mzhickteno

Larry Mzhickteno Profile

Ramzey Ingels

– Ramzey Ingels

Ethics Commission Vice-Chairperson

Jean Howley “Wayatnekwe”

Jean Howley “Wayatnekwe” Profile

Ethics Commission Secretary

– No Filings

Special Election: Ethics Commissioner #2 (term ends 2019)

– No Filings