Youth Language Group Wins Trophies in Competition


Group picture 1.jpg

The PBPN Youth Language classes with their instructors at the Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair held in Norman, Oklahoma.

MAYETTA:  The youth language class of 22 students took home five trophies in the Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair (ONAYLF) held at the Sam Noble Museum in Norman, Oklahoma on April 1-2. The students competed against 900 youth from 20 tribal language groups in a variety of performances categories.  Below is a breakout of those who placed from the PBPN group:

Individual:  1st place-Mae Joslin (3rd-5th grade) spoken language-“Wapttigwek’s Summer”; 1st place-Jaiden Wamego (6th to 8th grade) power point- “Sewe” presentation; 2nd place-Keanu Shopteese (6th-8th grade) power point-“Matikwe” presentation.

Group:  2nd place-Teen (9th-12th grade) large group, spoken language-“Little Red Hen”; 3rd place-Kids (3rd-5th grade) small group, song in native language-“Lullaby” presentation.

Before the group left for the competition, they gave a dress-rehearsal performance on March 27 at the Rock building in front of  a local PBPN community audience.

The ONAYLF has been attracting students from all over Oklahoma and nearby states for over 10 years. The Fair is held at the museum every first Monday and Tuesday in April. For two days, students learning their Native languages and their teachers come together to give spoken language, poetry, and song performance, and exhibit books, films, and poster art.