Wahweotten Sworn In as Council Person #1

July 31, 2014 –

MAYETTA: Warren A. Wahweotten Jr. was sworn in to office for another four-year term on the Tribal Council today at the Rock/Community building. Wahweotten won his position as Council Person #1 last Saturday at the 2014 Tribal Council/Gaming Commission Election by beating  Lisa Wamego and Gilreath Aitkens by a majority vote plus one.

Wahweotten has served on the Tribal Council since 2006. In addition to his regular Council duties, he is also on the board of Prairie Band, LLC and he was the primary liaison for the development of Firekeeper Golf Course that opened in 2011. His other service has included being on the board of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Entertainment Corporation and he has also been active with the tribe’s Pow-wow Committee for several years.

No other candidate in last week’s election won by majority plus one so a Run-off election is scheduled for Saturday, August 23 at the Bingo Hall. The two candidates who received the highest number of votes will compete against each other and are: Tribal Chairman-Liana Onnen and Arlene Shipshee Wahwasuck; Tribal Secretary-Camilla Wishkeno Chouteau and Anita G. Pahmahmie Evans, and Gaming Commissioner #3- Calvin Evans and Rey Kitchkumme. Ballots will be mailed soon and must be postmarked by 9 a.m. on Aug. 23. Whoever gets the highest number of votes in the Run-off election will win that position.

Below are some photographs from today’s swearing in ceremony:

Jr taking oath 1.jpg

Vice Chairperson Joyce Guerrero giving the oath of office to Warren A. Wahweotten Jr.

Jr. w TC 1.jpg

Tribal Council with Wahweotten.  On his right is Vice Chairperson Guerrero and to his left are Council Members Tom Wabnum and Carrie O’Toole respectively.

Jr. w family 1.jpg

Family members with Wahweotten who were at the ceremony today included (left to right) Warren Wahweotten Sr., Nona Wahweotten, Wahweotten (with blanket), Amber Oliveira and Marcus Oliveira.

Receiving line 1.jpg

A large crowd attended the ceremony and formed a long receiving line to congratulate Wahweotten.  Refreshments were also served during the ceremony.