Wade Schneider Named Assistant Chief of Police: Doug Schreiner Interim Police Chief

May 30, 2013 –

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Wade Schneider has been promoted as Assistant Chief of Police for the Tribal Police Department.  

MAYETTA: Wade Schneider has been named the Assistant Chief of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribal Police Department and will work alongside Doug Schreiner, Fire Chief for the Potawatomi Tribal Fire Department, who has been named Interim Police Chief.

Schneider has been with the Potawatomi Police Department since 2000 and was promoted to Sergeant in 2001 and to Detective in 2006. Prior to his tenure with the Nation, he did police work in Perry, Kansas, and he also has outside work experience in the transportation, communications, pest control and industrial supplies industries.

His police background includes training from the full-time accredited academy at the Topeka Police Department, graduating with a certification from the Kansas Law Enforcement Center in Hutchinson, Kan., and completing the Public Agency Training Council Detective and New Criminal Investigator course and medicolegal death investigation course in 2010.

Interim Police Chief/Fire Chief Doug Schreiner has a combination of law enforcement/ firefighting experience and has been with the Potawatomi Tribal Fire Department since March.  He is also a part-time Police Officer and Lieutenant with the Rossville Police Department and has been in law enforcement since 2001. His police background includes training from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center in Hutchinson, Kan., graduating with a part-time Law Enforcement certification, Advanced Criminal amd Drug Interdiction training from the Kansas Highway Patrol and Midwest Counterdrug Training Center, as well as Fire and Arson investigation training through the National Fire Academy.

As Fire Chief he oversees a crew of 23 firefighter/paramedic/emergency medical technicians at the Fire Department that is located at 15482 K Road, Mayetta, Kansas. Before that, he worked as a fire brigade coordinator for Westar Energy for four years and was with the Potawatomi Tribal Fire Department from 2000-2008 as a shift captain.

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Doug Schreiner is the Interim Police Chief/Fire Chief and has experience in law enforcement and fire/emergency preparedness.  

The Tribal Police Department is located at 16344 Q Road. It provides 24-hour police protection and also offers several community programs and services including a motor-vehicle department, animal control, and educational courses on defensive driving and hunting, to name a few.