Unofficial Gaming Commission/Ethics Commission Election Results

February 25, 2009 –


MAYETTA:   Gary Mitchell, Rencie Eteeyan and Ruth Vega-Harjo won seats in the Gaming Commssion/Ethics Commission election today but Gaming Commission position #2 is still undecided.


Following a three (business days) protest period, the two candidates who received the highest number of votes for Gaming Commission position #2, who were Jancita Warrington and Larry Mzhickteno, will compete against each other in a second run-off mail-in ballot election to be held in four weeks.


Below are the results that were tallied today in an open meeting of tribal members at the Bingo Hall.


Mitchell won by majority vote plus one for the Gaming Commission position #1 with 525 (59.79%) over Anna M. Wahwassuck Boswell who received 353 (40.21%) votes.


Gaming Commission position #2 resulted in Paula Hopkins with 112 (12.87%), Larry Mzhickteno with 151 (17.36%), Roy T. Ogden with 114 (13.10%), Donald “Jim” Shane with 44 (5.06%), Raphael Wahwassuck with 131 (15.06%), Jacob M. “Tug” Wamego with 150 (17.24%), and Jancita C. Warrington 168 (19.31%).


Ethics Commission position #2 resulted in a vote count for Rencie Eteeyan with 620 (100.00%) and Ruth Vega-Harjo who won Ethics Commission position # 3 with 681 (100.00%) votes.  Both candidates ran unopposed.


Those assisting with the election voting count were Tim Sanchez of Automated Election Service (AES), Albuquerque, Marty Hamlin,  Joe Mendez, Frank Shopteese, Linda Yazzie,Leslie Marshno, Arlene Lingo, June Barber, Sam Grant and Steve Cook.