Tribal PD Remind Drivers: STOP for School Buses

Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribal Police have been having more and more issues with people not stopping at school buses when they are loading or unloading children. This is a big issue for a multitude of reasons. Tribal PD want to make people aware of this issue and hopefully keep anyone from getting a ticket.


5484 Children were injured in 2020 around school buses in the United States.

The average amount of time a school bus stops on the reservation is less than 45 seconds.

  1. School busses will have amber flashing lights as they approach a stop when picking up and dropping off children.
  2. Once the bus comes to a stop Red lights will flash and automatic stop signs will fold out from the side of the bus.
  3. The red light and stop signs will only stop when it is safe for other vehicles to pass.

Until then… Stop means Stop!!!

Per Tribal Statute 14-4-21
(A)    Every driver shall stop before reaching a school bus receiving or discharging school children, when flashing lights are in operation, and shall not proceed until the school bus resumes motion, or signaled by the bus driver to proceed.
(B)    Any driver failing to stop and wait at such signal will be charged with an infraction and upon conviction thereof shall be penalized with a fine not to exceed one hundred twenty dollars. That’s $170 with court fees!

This announcement made in association with:

Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation
PBPN Safe Kids
Royal Valley School District
Prairie Band Tribal Police