Tribal Members Need to Keep Mailing Address Current With Per Cap

March 11, 2014 –



Keep your mailing address current with Per Cap office!


Last January 2014 the Per Capita office mailed out the 2013 1099 misc to all members who received per capita payments in 2013. It is vitally important that the Per Capita office have current addresses for all members.  There have been several enrolled members whose 2013 1099misc has come back in the mail due to an incorrect address and their per capita payments cannot be issued until their address is updated.

If you have moved and have not notified the Per Capita office please submit a change of address form & W-9 form as soon as possible. Both forms can be found and downloaded on the Nation’s website  at


or, call the Per Capita Office at 785-966-3993 and request the forms be mailed or e-mailed to you.

The Per Capita office and Tribal Council thanks you in advance for your cooperation with this matter.