Tribal Member Section Added to Nation’s Website

July 23, 2010 –


MAYETTA:  A new online link for tribal members only has been rolled out that is now available on the Nation’s website at  Adult tribal members can now access member-specific documents by registering on a community extranet system using their tribal roll number and creating a password for security.  Once this information is submitted the member’s identity can then be verified for approval and access to this protected portion of the website will be granted.

The Tribal Member Login is located at the bottom of the navigation panel that is located on the home page’s left side.   By clicking there tribal members can begin the registration process.

An extranet is a private network that uses Internet technology but with registrations and the use of passwords so that information will remain private.   Before the roll out of the PBPN Tribal Member Login everything that was posted to the Nation’s website was available for public view. But with the extranet link, only tribal members will be able to see certain postings. Documents like the General Council minutes, Tribal Council meeting minutes, and Tribal Council Resolutions are a few documents that are available on the new section along with other member-specific documents.   Previously the only way to attain those documents was to request them through the secretary’s office via email or by mail.

Tribal Council Secretary Jim Potter said that the goal of creating the Tribal Member Login is to communicate more quickly with tribal members, to be more easily accessible to more of the tribes’ members and to reduce the labor and costs of reproducing paper records that members have a right to have.  He also said that by having electronic records they will be easier to locate, take less storage space, and will be much less labor intensive thereby creating a cost savings to the Nation.   Members who do not have access to computers, however, will still be able to request documents by mail through the Office of the Secretary.