Tribal Council/Ethics Commission Election Results

July 26, 2008 –

TC Election.JPG

Approximately 50 members attended today’s election held at the Bingo Hall.

MAYETTA:  The Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Tribal Council and Ethics Commission Election was held today at the Bingo Hall and due to new changes in the election process there were only five clear winners out of nineteen candidates with all the winners running unopposed.  Now, six of the remaining fourteen will square off in a run-off election to be held in four weeks.


Over 900 ballots were counted and those declared winners were Ryan Dyer, Treasurer, Shirley K. Trull, Ethics Commission Chair Person, Trilby Wahwasuck, Ethics Commission Vice-Chair Person, Virginia LeClere, Ethics Commission Secretary, and Frank Tecumseh, Ethics Commissioner #1.  Because they all ran unopposed they all received 100% of the votes cast but all the other candidates received below the 50% plus one now needed to win the election.


This is the first election since new Constitutional Amendments were approved by members last November where candidates must win by a majority vote plus one.  The two candidates who received the highest number of votes will now face each other in another mail-in ballot election.


Candidates for the run-off election are as follows: Vice-Chair Person- Joyce Guerrero (30.40%) and Jackie Mitchell (49.51%); Tribal Council Person #2- Chago Hale (35.23%) and Peggy Nioce Houston (28.99%), and Tribal Council Person #3-Vernon Mzhickteno (15.70%) and Carrie O’Toole (18.97%).


The unofficial election results are as follows and will become official if no voter files a protest within three (3) business days of today’s election.  A date for the run-off election has not been announced.


Vice-Chairperson                                   Total            Percent

Joyce Guerrero                                          280                   30.40%

Jackie Mitchell                                          456                   49.51%

Mamie Wahwassuck Rupnicki                      185                   20.09%


Treasurer                                               Total            Percent

Ryan Dyer                                                694                 100.00%


Tribal Council Person #2                Total            Percent

Rencie Eteeyan                                           99                   11.04%

Chago Hale                                              316                   35.23%

Peggy A. Nioce Houston                            260                   28.99%

Francis T. Shopteese, Jr.                            222                   24.75%


Tribal Council Person #3                  Total            Percent

Ann DeCoteau                                          130                   14.18%

Dale Delg                                                 124                   13.52%

Vernon L. Mzhickteno                               144                   15.70%

Carrie O’Toole                                          174                   18.97%

Jona Rupnicki                                           101                   11.01%

James Wabaunsee (Nabby)                          134                   14.61%

Josette Wahwasuck                                    110                   12.00%


Ethics Commission Chairperson      Total            Percent

Shirley K. Trull                                        679                 100.00%


Ethics Commission V.Chairperson   Total            Percent

Trilby Wahwasuck                                     554                100.00%


Ethics Commission Secretary          Total            Percent         

Virginia LeClere                                        740                100.00%


Ethics Commission Comm. #1         Total            Percent

Frank Tecumseh                                         689               100.00%



Those assisting with the election were Tim Sanchez of Automated Election Service, Albuquerque, Marty Hamlin who served as the Election Judge, and Leslie Marshno, Paula Hopkins, Joe Mendez, and Linda Yazzie who were clerks.  PBPN Police Officer Steve Cook acted as the Official Observer and Voncile Mitchell and June Barber represented the Election Board.