Tribal Council Update

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Tribal Council met with members of the SNR Denton Law Firm from Washington, D.C. yesterday who came to Tribal Council chambers for an informal meeting. SNR Denton Law has more than 60 locations world wide and one of  the firm’s specialties is Indian law and policies.  From left to right (sitting) is Rob Porter, Steve R. Ortiz, and George Skibine.  Back row (left to right) is Jim Potter, Joyce Guerrero, Tom Wabnum, Malcom Weems, Carrie O’Toole and Brian Grace.  Porter, Skibine, Weems and Grace are from SNR Denton and the others are on the Tribal Council.  Tribal Council Treasurer Hattie Mitchell also met with the law firm but is not pictured. Porter is the former president of the Seneca Nation and Skibine (Osage) formerly served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Management for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and as director of the Office of Indian Gaming Management for many years before joining SNR Denton.

Tribal Council has been holding a series of meetings this week with several other business administrators and leaders to work on the financial interests of the Nation and other important items.  Meetings are expected to wrap up today.