Tribal Council Requesting Addresses and Christmas Gift Ideas for Soldiers

November 22, 2010 –

A message from the PBPN Tribal Council

Addresses and gift ideas

request for Prairie Band Potawatomi soldiers in the military


Do you have a loved one serving in the military?  If so, we would like to know what his/her address is and what branch of the military they are presently serving in.  We’d also like to know some ideas for gifts or items that we can send them for Christmas to let them know we are thinking of them.

Time is of the essence so don’t wait:

Deadline for addresses for soldiers overseas is: Tuesday, November 23.

Deadline for addresses for those in the United States is: Friday, December 3.

Please submit information to Carrie O’Toole, Tribal Council member, by email    or call 785.845-0111.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!


PBPN Tribal Council