Tribal Council Attends Native American Day at the Capitol

Native American Day 1 1.jpg

Native American Day at the Capitol was held today where Gov. Sam Brownback signed a proclamation this morning declaring the day official  in front of several Tribal Council representatives.  Left to right, is Joyce Guerrero (PBPN), Carrie O’Toole (PBPN) Steve Ortiz (PBPN), Noah Wahquahboshkuk (PBPN), Rep. Ponka-We Victors (Ponca -Tohono-O’odham), Jim Potter (PBPN), Kris Kobach, Sec. of State, Mike Dougherty (Sac and Fox), Steve Cadue (Kickapoo), James Jensen (Sac and Fox), Coreena Adkins (Iowa), Rachel Kent (Iowa) and Patti Kramer (Kaw Nation).  (Photo by Office of the Governor)

Sen. Dennis Pyle office visit 1.jpg

Tribal Council also made a visit to Sen. Dennis Pyle’s office who is second from left.

House of Rep 1.jpg

Chairman Ortiz gave the opening prayer this morning in front of the House of Representatives and also participated in the recognition ceremony on the house floor that included tribal leaders receiving certificates of recognition and blankets from Rep. Ponka-We Victors.  The group received a standing ovation from the House, as seen above.

PBPN w Ponka We at NA Day at Cap.JPG

Tribal Council with Rep. Ponka-We Victors before the ceremony.  Left to right: Chairman Steve Ortiz, Carrie O’Toole, member, Joyce Guerrero, Vice Chair, Ponka We-Victors  (in regalia), Jim Potter, Secretary, and Noah Wahquahboshkuk, Treasurer.  Other Tribal Council members Jancita Warrington and Junior Wahweotten (not photographed) also attended today’s event.

Three TC chairs and Ponka-We 1.jpg

Chairman from three of the Kansas tribes with Rep. Victors.  (Left to right) Steve Ortiz, Victors, Steve Cadue and Mike Dougherty.

Lunches for HR 1.jpg

Box lunches were provided for legislators and participants at the event and helping to distribute them were Tribal Council administrative assistants (left to right) Tina Levier, Linda Yazzie and Pam Bowman.