Tribal Council and Ethics Commission election to be held July 26

May 20, 2008 –

Fifteen people are vying for four seats on the Tribal Council and four others have filed for one of six seats available on the newly formed Ethics Commission to be voted on in the Tribal Council/Ethics Commission Election to be held Saturday, July 26.

Mail in ballots will be picked up from the Mayetta, Kan. Post Office at 9 a.m. and tabulated in an open meeting for the tribal membership at the Bingo Hall that morning.

The Ethics Commission, a newly formed judicial group that will deal with the ethical responsibilities of officials, is the result of one of six amendment changes made to the PBP Constitution that was approved by voters last November in a BIA Secretarial Election. Other changes in this year’s election process are having candidates win by majority vote or a run-off election will be held, changing the election date to a Saturday, and having Tribal Council Person candidates file for a particular member seat.

Tribal Council positions open in this election are for Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer, Council Person #2, and Council Person #3.  Candidates are: Vice-Chairperson- Joyce Guerrero, Jackie Mitchell, and Mamie Wahwassuck Rupnicki; Treasurer-Ryan Dyer; Council Person #2-Rencie Eteeyan, Chago Hale,Peggy A. Nioce Houston, and Francis T. Shopteese, Jr., and Council Person #3-Ann DeCoteau, Dale Delg,Vernon L. Mzhickteno, Carrie O’Toole, Jona Rupnicki, James Wabaunsee (Nabby) and Josette Wahwasuck.


Ethics Commission positions available are for Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Commissioner #1, Commissioner #2, and Commissioner #3.  Candidates are: Chairperson-Shirley Trull; Vice-Chairperson-Trilby Wahwasuck; Secretary-Virginia LeClere, and Commissioner #1-Frank Tecumseh.  No candidates filed for Commissioner #2 or Commissioner #3.

Ballots will be mailed to registered voters no later than Friday, June 13.  All ballot distribution packages will contain a preaddressed return envelope for mailing ballots back to the Election Board.  Photos and profiles of candidates, if submitted, will also run in the Summer QuarterlyPotawatomi News.

If a Run-off Election is necessary, it will take place for those not winning by majority vote four weeks following.

For more information contact the Elections Board at 785.966.3910 or 3911 or toll free at 785.715.6789.