Summer Youth Worker Photos

MAYETTA: Teenagers between the ages of 14-18 have been working on or near the PBPN Common Land since June 3 as part of the Department of Education’s Summer Youth Work program.  The program places workers in various departments and programs and also holds career-oriented seminars and tours that allow the youth to learn about vocations and job industries.  The program involves an application and interviewing process and students must pass a drug test to qualify.  The students will end their work June 28 and a second session of new workers will begin July 1-26.

Rich Drinnon 1.jpg

Workers participated in a job-interview training last Friday that was presented by seminar-trainer Rich Drinnon (standing in background).  Kristina Matsapto (in purple shirt) coordinates the Summer Youth Work program and is on the Education Department staff.  

Bowie demo 6-21-13 1.jpg

Tribal Police Officer Steven Smith gave a demonstration with Bowie, the PBPN drug dog, last Friday afternoon.

Youth w Police 1.jpg

On the front row, being photographed with the students, are officers Smith (far left), John Calvert (in protective gear following the demonstration with Bowie) and Wade Schneider, far right.  Youth workers previously visited the Tribal Police Department, Topeka Law Enforcement Center, and PBP Health Center and plan to tour the Prairie Band Casino & Resort soon.

Hattie and Kenny 1.jpg

Kenny Aitkens has been working with Hattie Mitchell, Tribal Council treasurer, in her office located in the Government Center. 

Sam Garrett Rodewald sum youth 1.jpg

Staff from Building/Maintenance stop to pose with youth worker Garrett Rodewald in front of the Government Center.  Left to right, sitting, is Sam Mitchell and Rodewald.  Back row, left to right, is Jeff Marshno and Tim Mendez.  Not pictured is Andrew Pahmahmie and youth worker Ronny Hester.

Arrow and Cody 1.jpg

Arrow Levier, 15, and Cody Wilson from the Diabetes program stopped by the News Department before the Government Center’s weekly employee walk. 

Mittina and Tina 1.jpg

Ashleigh “Mittina” Hale has been working with the Tribal Council administrative assistants and is photographed with Tina Levier.