Successful Community Clean Up

By: Abigail Jones/PBPN PEP Environmental/GIS Technician

A huge thank you to everyone who came out and participated in the annual Community Clean-up. In all, the teams collected a total of 1,988 pounds of trash. Great job to all of the volunteers and teams!

The team that picked up the most trash is Emergency Services with a team total of 533 pounds of trash.

The second place team is Tribal Victim Services/Boys and Girls Club with a team total of 295 pounds of trash.

The winning team will receive a pizza party and the second place team will receive a pie and ice cream party.

A special shout-out to the Childcare classes that participated. The Head Start and Preschool classrooms picked up a total of 6 pounds of trash around their building. It is wonderful to see these little ones so happy to be taking care of the Earth.

Thank you everyone for coming together to clean up our community. We are thankful for all of your hard work and CONGRATULATIONS to the winning teams!

All team totals are listed below:

Childcare = 6 lbs of trash
Housing = 71 lbs of trash
Social Services = 81 lbs of trash
Finance = 130 lbs of trash
Clinic = 135 lbs of trash
LLC = 219 lbs of trash
Planning and Environmental Protection = 230 lbs of trash (exempt from winning prizes)
Casino = 288 lbs of trash
Tribal Victim Services/Boys and Girls Club = 295 lbs of trash
Emergency Services = 533 lbs of trash