Run-off Election Ballots for Gaming Commissioner Position #2 in the Mail


MAYETTA:  Ballots were mailed yesterday for the upcoming Gaming Commission position #2 run-off election to be held on March 31. Ballots must be received at the Mayetta Post Office by 9.a.m. on that day where they will then be counted in an open meeting for the tribal membership beginning around 9:30 a.m. at the Bingo Hall.

Larry Mzhickteno and Jancita Warrington are vying for position #2 on the Gaming Commission.  Their profiles and photos can be accessed on this website through the News and Press link at the top of the page and by scrolling down to the subhead titled Election News.  Mzhickteno and Warrington received the highest number of votes in the first election that was held February 25 out of a pool of seven candidates but did not win by majority vote plus one which necessitated an election run-off.

Ballots were mailed to registered voters.  Due to the quick turn around time, out-of-state voters are urged to cast their votes and return them by mail as soon as possible in order to meet the deadline and have their vote count.

The Elections office is now housed with the Enrollment and Per Capita offices under Member Services and is located on the upper level of the Government Center.  For more information about the election call 785.966.3911 or toll free at 877.715.6789.