Royal Valley Native American Dancers Champs Again

January 27, 2010 –

RV kids 2.jpg

This photo of the dancers was taken in 2006 after the group’s first win.


MAYETTA: The Royal Valley Native American Dancers defended their championship for the fourth time at the Battle of the Plains competition in Bartlesville, Oklahoma on January 23.

The group competed against six other Indian Education programs from Oklahoma andAlabama to win the title that is sponsored by Operation Eagle, through the Bartlesville Public Schools.

Royal Valley Native American Dancers that includes 79 members is the only school-sponsored dance group in Kansas.   The group is composed of members from kindergarten to twelfth grade.  Sponsors for the group are Anita Evans-Title VII Indian Education Director for U.S.D. #337/ Royal Valley High School Teacher and Connie Peters-Math and Student Assistance Teacher at RoyalValley Middle School.  Lead singer for the group is Gubba Hale.

During the competition, Royal Valley had 59 dancers competing with 23 dancers placing for points.  Overall, there were 28 total categories of competition.  Royal Valley filled 20 categories with dancers.  Royal Valley had 5 Grand Champions-Mae Joslin-Age 5-7 Girls Fancy; Tamo Thomas-Ages 8-10 Girls Fancy; Jayden Serna-Blakemore-Ages 8-10 Boys Traditional;  Alicia Scholfield-Ages 11-13 Girls Fancy;  Sylvana Levier-Ages 14-18 Girls Cloth.

Second place winners included:  Kishno Bell-Girls Fancy;  Madison Boswell-Girls Jingle; Darius Thomas-Boys Grass;  Brennah Wahweotten-Girls Fancy;  Kwake Spoonhunter-Boys Fancy; Blake Garrison-Boys Grass;  Andrea Alvarado-Girls Fancy;  Kek Mitchell-Girls Jingle;  Isiah Potts-Boys Traditional.

Third place winners were;  Hayley Harmon-Girls Jingle;  Ruben Tinajero-Boys Fancy;  Kikto Thomas-Girls Cloth;  Isabella Wamego-Martinez-Girls Jingle;  Zach Wahweotten-Boys Fancy;  Komesh Spoonnhunter-Boys Grass;  Sierra Pahmahmie-Girls Jingle;  Kacie Boswell-Girls Fancy;  Pam Knoxsah-Girls Jingle

According to Anita Evans (PBPN), each style of dance requires its own special regalia and the Royal Valley Native American Singers/Dancers are fortunate to not only be supported by U.S.D. #337, but also by a Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation charitable contribution that was made this school year. She also said that the group could not make it without the support of parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles who help keep this group functioning and that she wanted to publicly thank them.