Road & Bridge Helps News

May 07, 2015 –

MAYETTA:  It was quite a reporting adventure for the News when editor Suzanne Heck attempted to make it to a photo shoot Monday with Veterans Administration officials and veteran Rey Kitchkumme out on his home site.  Kitchkumme, who is building a home on the common land through a new Native American Direct Loan (NADL) program, wanted to show the dignitaries where his home was going to be built.

Earlier that day, the group had participated in a signing ceremony with leaders from the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation at the Bingo Hall that is allowing Native American veterans like Kitchkumme to build homes on trust land.   The group then headed out to where Kitchkumme is going to build his home.

Heck was late for the shoot and told the group to go back for the next event at the Bingo Hall and that she would just turn around and be right there.  On her turn around, however, her car got stuck in the mud and there she sat.   Being on the rez, however, she knew exactly what to do and called Road & Bridge for help.  She also called Chairperson Onnen to say she was going to be late and then just waited it out on the prairie taking in the beautiful view.

Sure enough, within minutes she saw a red Road & Bridge truck coming up the freshly graveled road that Road & Bridge crews had recently built for the future home and when it stopped, out popped Tanner Shobney and Evan Evans to help the editor “damsel in distress”.

After sizing the situation up, the two young men got in front of the car, told Heck to get in, start the car, and to throw it in reverse.   Both men, shoving with all the muscle power and grit they had, were able to physically move the car back on the gravel road to get it out of the mud.

Later on, when Heck made it back to the Bingo Hall for the Veteran’s Benefits Fair, someone asked her how she knew to call Road & Bridge.   She said that in all of her thirteen years working for the PBPN that she’s always felt safe when motoring on the rez because she knows she can count on Road & Bridge. Further, she said that their dedication to helping others is outstanding as young Shobney and Evans showed.

And being the News and always seeing a story, a few photos of the adventure are offered below:

The News car stuck in the mud.

On the left is Tanner Shobney with Evan Evans from Road & Bridge.  A tow chain was considered but the two men had another idea.

Sizing it Up 5-5-15 1.jpg

Sizing it up before deciding what to do.  Note dirt on windshield.