Rick Burns Named Employee of the Year

Rick burns critter 1.jpg

Rick Burns was named Employee of the Year at the all-employee meeting held Jan. 18 at the Bingo Hall.  He is the animal control officer for the Tribal Police Department and helps in the maintenance area as well.  He is also a tribal member. 

V Simon w Walt 1.jpg

Verna Simon was named the Employee of the Quarter and is seen with Walt Racker who is on the Employee-of-the-Quarter committee.  Verna works in the Health Center in the administration office.

Mary LeClere 1.jpg

Mary LeClere (PBPN), third from left, received a 25-year service award for her work with the Potawatomi Fire Department.  Also pictured (left to right) is Steve Ortiz, Jim Potter, and Carrie O’Toole from the Tribal Council. 

Donna Valdivia Wofford 1.jpg

Outgoing Human Resources Director Donna Valdivia-Wofford (third from left) was recognized for her many years of service with the PBPN.  From, left to right, is Peggy Houston, General Manager of Tribal Operations, Steve Ortiz, PBPN chairman, Jim Potter, PBPN secretary, and Carrie O’Toole, Tribal Council member.