Red Road Holistic Approach to Healing Workshop at Casino

MAYETTA:  Approximately 150 people are registered for the Red Road Workshop being held  at the Prairie Band Casino & Resort. The workshop began yesterday and will run until 4 p.m. today.

Gene D. Thin Elk (Lakota) is the featured presenter and is speaking on the Red Road approach to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing for Native people. The holistic concept utilizes cultural traditional Native American teachings to help combat the abuses of alcohol and drugs.  Lots of interactive activities and other teaching methods are being utilized.

The two-day workshop is supported by several grants awarded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance that have been given to the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation, Sac and Fox Nation, and Kickapoo Nation.

Below are some photographs taken yesterday:

Gene Thin Elk 1.jpg

Gene D. Thin Elk giving his opening address at the workshop yesterday.

Thanking Gary Mitchell 1.jpg

Gary Mitchell, PBPN, (in vest) gave the invocation in the Potawatomi language.  After his prayer Thin Elk walked over to thank him.

Registration 1.jpg

People registering for the conference outside the workshop. 

conference view 1.jpg

Thin Elk told the audience that he is from Vermillion, South Dakota, and has been working for 33 years in the Red Road program.  He has also been a director of Native Student Services at the University of South Dakota for 25 years.