Reception Honoring Dr. Stevenson Held

Dr. Stevenson group photo 1.jpg

Dr. Stephen Stevenson (sitting center) surrounded by the medical staff from the PBP Health Center and Tribal Council.  Dr. Stevenson is leaving the Health Center to partially retire and a reception was held yesterday in his honor. 

Dr. Stevenson w TC 1.jpg

Tribal Council members with Dr. Stevenson. From left to right, Steve Ortiz, chairman, Joyce Guerrero, vice chairperson, Dr. Stevenson, and Jancita Warrington, member.  Chairman Ortiz gave remarks about Dr. Stevenson’s good work with the PBPN and the tribe gifted him with a Pendleton blanket.

Dr. Stevenson w friends 1.jpg

Dr. Stevenson stopped to visit with those who came to the reception.