Prairie Band Potawatomi Health Center Announces Changes to Deal with COVID-19 Surge

Prairie Band Potawatomi Health Center is not accepting walk-in patients. To keep Health Center Staff available and healthy to handle the current surge in COVID-19 cases, the center is implementing alternate methods to care for some patients.

Patients seeking care are asked to call the nursing line at (785) 966-8220 rather than coming to the clinic directly. If a staff member is not available, patients should leave a message and a staff member will return the call and determine the best method to treat the patient. Some issues can be taken care of with a phone call, or a Zoom visit and others may still be scheduled for an appointment as appropriate.

The phone lines are continually monitored. Once you have left a message, there is no need to call again because this will tie up the lines and slow the process. Someone will return your call as soon as it is possible.

The Health Center Staff apologizes for any inconvenience, but this is the most effective way of taking care of all patients while dealing with the current COVID-19 surge.
Please remember, this one call can protect us all.

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