Prairie Band Potawatomi Health Center Pharmacy Introduces New Prescription Medication Disposal Method

A new MedSafe prescription medication drop-off box is located in the Pharmacy lobby at the Prairie Band Potawatomi Health Center.

Drug disposal solutions tackle medication abuse; provide a safe way to dispose of unused drugs.

The PBPHC Pharmacy has obtained a MedSafe® drug collection and disposal receptacle located in the patient waiting area between the Pharmacy and Laboratory at the Health Center. This receptacle will serve for the safe and anonymous disposal of unused or expired medicines and
controlled substances.

Most Americans recognize that prescription drug abuse is a growing problem and one that flourishes in all communities. Additionally, many understand the need for an environmentally safe way to dispose of unwanted medications.

“We often receive questions from our patients asking how they can
safely get rid of their unused medications,” said Michael Carpenter RPh, Director of the Pharmacy. “We’re happy to provide a safe solution to getting unused medications out of their homes and harm’s way, and keeping our local water supply safe”.

Patients and community members can simply bring in their unused medications to the PBPN Health Center and drop them into the MedSafe, which is a specially-designed receptacle for the safe, cost-effective, and convenient way to dispose of potentially dangerous drugs.

Bring your medications to the clinic in their original labeled bottles without worry of loss of privacy and place your bottles into the MedSafe. Once the MedSafe liner is full, Pharmacy staff will replace the filled collection liner with a new liner, and immediately ship off the filled liner for secure and environmentally safe destruction.

The MedSafe works like a mailbox, pull down the handle and insert prescription medications.