Prairie Band LLC Open House Snaps

Burton at open house 1.jpg

President and CEO of Prairie Band, LLC Burton Warrington (far left) gave a powerpoint presentation at the open house today.  He described how the company has grown from one employee to over 40 since 2011.  He also discussed the various aspects of the company and how it is well positioned to have a record year this year.

LLC staff 1.jpg

Some of the staff at Prairie Band, LLC.  From left to right, Bobbie Jo Ray, Financial Controller, Phil Stand, Intern, Tyler Levier, One Stop Convenience Store Manager, and Rockell Otero, Staff Accountant.

Tug and open house 1.jpg

Individuals enjoying refreshments during the open house.  Sitting, and in the purple shirt, is Jacob “Tug” Wamego who is the Business Development Manager for Prairie Band, LLC. 

Tyler and food 1.jpg

A variety of refreshments were available at the open house that runs until 6:30 p.m.

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