Prairie Band Health Services Teams with Altapure

Prairie Band Health Services, a subsidiary of Prairie Band LLC (PBLLC), is proud to announce a new distribution agreement with Altapure, a leader in the next generation of high-level disinfection equipment. This agreement will allow Prairie Band Health Services to market Altapure’s products to tribes, commercial entities and governmental agencies nationwide.

Altapure’s flagship product is the AP-4 High Level Disinfection System, an ultrasonic peracetic acid (PAA) based technology that provides high-level disinfection of large spaces, like hospitals, burn units, clean rooms and animal facilities. In addition, Altapure offers the PC-RED, a lightweight environmental disinfection unit ideal for first responder vehicles, ambulances, triage tents, medical procedure rooms and firehouses.

Meeting the EPA definition of disinfection, Altapure’s technology has demonstrated superior performance over the last ten years of use in medical facilities. This technology provides a consistent 6-log kill rate, killing 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and spores on exposed surfaces in a treated space. Altapure’s technology also remains green, leaving no adverse residue.

“Altapure is proud to have been selected by PBLLC to participate in its effort to provide a level of clean that will eliminate pathogens from medical and other common facilities,” Carl L. Ricciardi, one of the scientific founders and president of Altapure said. “With the end of the antibiotic era as declared by the CDC and with the continued rise of multi-drug resistant organisms, all reasonable efforts must to be implemented to provide a safe environment for patients and staff.”

See below for demonstrations and testimonials of Altapure technology:
• PC-RED: Info and testimonial at Fire House
• AP-4: Elmhurst Hospital Success Story
• AP-4: Demonstration

Prairie Band Health Services provides national services and support to healthcare organizations, is a participant in the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) program, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Prairie Band, LLC; the economic development arm of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation located in Mayetta, Kansas.

For Sales and Product information, please contact:
Ronald Broadnax, Dir. Business Development
Prairie Band, LLC
Phone: 703-895-2230

Carl Ricciardi, CEO
Altapure, LLC
Phone: 920-284-8810