Prairie Band Health Center Expands COVID-19 Vaccine Assistance to Jackson County Residents


The Prairie Band Health Center has reached out to work with the Jackson County Health Department to increase the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to the 13,000 residents of Jackson County, Kan.

With a majority of Prairie Band Health Center eligible individuals having received the COVID-19 vaccine the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Tribal Council has determined to extend Prairie Band Health Center resources to address the vaccination needs of the surrounding county.

“Throughout the pandemic, the Nation has worked hard to keep our community safe. We, like all residents of Jackson County, have had to change the way we lived during this National crisis in hopes of overcoming this virus and eventually returning to a somewhat normal life. In the effort to return, we need to ensure everyone who wants a vaccination can receive one and we are proud to be able to offer it to the residents of the county,” said Joseph Rupnick, Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation Chairman.

How to Register

Jackson County residents wishing to receive the vaccine can sign up through the Jackson County COVID-19 Vaccine Sign-up or by calling 785-364-2670. The Jackson County Health Department will then coordinate vaccination appointments with the Prairie Band Health Center and eligible individuals.

Additional Information

Jackson county residents receiving a vaccination at Prairie Band Health Center will need to complete the PBHC Vaccination Outreach form.

The Prairie Band Health Center will only provide COVID-19 vaccinations to Jackson county residents, not COVID-19 testing.

Jackson County residents are not eligible for the PBHC walk-in clinic.

The Prairie Band Health Center is located at 11400 158 Road, Mayetta, KS, 66509.

For any questions regarding this service, contact Jackson County Health Department at 785-364-2670.