Prairie Band Casino & Resort Marketing Team Win Romero Marketing Awards

Romero Awards 003.jpg

MAYETTA:  The Prairie Band Casino & Resort (PBCR) marketing team walked away with two top Diamond Romero awards last week at the 2009 Casino Marketing Conference in Las Vegas.  The marketing team attended the conference and was on hand to receive the awards during a ceremony on July 22.

Steve Ortiz, Jr. (PBPN) directs the marketing team that also includes tribal members Anna Boswell, database analyst, and Josh Rodewald, marketing coordinator.

The first award was given in the category Website Marketing for a direct mail pURL survey that the team created, and the second award was in the category of Casino Floor Promotion for their 2008 Sole Survivor promotion. The awards were named in honor of John Romero, a casino marketing pioneer and author, who dedicated his 50-year career to ensuring effective, measurable and accountable casino marketing expenditures.

In 2008 the PBCR marketing team also won a prestigious Davey Award for the casino’s “Play with the Band” slogan and this year they are rolling out a new brand image that is now appearing in the casino’s advertisements and promotions. The new brand was designed to highlight the values of the Nation more closely to the casino which include having a deep respect for nature and being the “keepers of the fire.”

During the upcoming Gathering several events will be held at the casino including the All-Bands Economic Summit, Judicial Conference, Youth Leadership Conference, Language Conference, and Art Show.  In addition to the conference center, the casino has a newly renovated gaming floor and bar area, 297 luxury hotel rooms, three dining areas and an RV parking area.

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