Prairie Band Bingo Coming Soon!

Prairie Band Bingo Coming Soon!
In the fall of 2015 the Prairie Band Casino & Resort Executive Board presented a plan to the Nation’s general council. The plan detailed an expansion of the Nation’s current gaming operation to include a bingo hall, more slot machines and a new gift shop. The general council voted yes to the expansion at the October 2015 meeting.
The project consists of two phases. The first phase consisted of the re-model of the western end of the casino to create the new Bingo Hall and Gift Shop space. Phase two includes expanding the gaming floor. Initial work stages began in late fall, with construction following soon after in early winter. This winter was relatively mild allowing construction to stay on schedule.
Phase one of the expansion is nearly complete and a soft opening is set to occur in late May, with an official Grand Opening in early June. The Bingo Hall will feature 400 seats with cell phone charge ports at each. Both smoking and non-smoking sections will be available within the Bingo Hall. Concessions of snacks and bottled beer will also be available within the new location. Players will have access to 200 electronic bingo devices, in-house progressive jackpots, Hot Balls, Bonanzas, Event tickets and pull tabs. There are also exclusive bingo games available including: MPBingoTM  from Planet Bingo, Blue Jackpot at $88,618 and Green Jackpot at $36,914. The jackpots change daily and can be monitored by visiting
The second phase of the project is currently underway. Portions of the gaming floor have been walled off while construction on the expanded gaming floor takes place. The updated gaming space will open to the public in late summer 2016.
For those interested in working in the Bingo establishment, applications are being taken for various positions, including a Bingo Supervisor at Prairie Band Casino and Resort. Visit for more details.