Pow-wow Jumpin! Over 425 Dancers and 18 Drums on the Rez

MAYETTA:  This year’s pow-wow is one of the biggest ever for the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation who are hosting the pow-wow in Prairie Peoples Park. Over 425 dancers have registered to compete for the three-day event and 18 drum groups are circled around the arena.

Drum groups include: Young Spirit; Bear Creek; White Tail Boys; Meskwaki Nation; The Boyz; Southern Boys; Cree Confederation; B.G.R., Rockin Horse; Wild Band of Comanche; Wazi Jaci Cha-Che; Midnite Express; Omaha Lodge; Young Bear; Young Buffalo Hunter, Snow Drift, Whistling Wind and Omaha Whitetail.

Dancers are competing  in several categories and have come in from all over Indian Country and Canada.  As of the grand entry at 7 p.m. tonight, 428 dancers had registered

Things kicked off Thursday when the PBPN princess contest took place and the winner was Mechipyeha Johnson, Horton, Kan. who began her reign last night during the first grand entry.   More is on tap for tonight and tomorrow and below are a few scenes from pow-wow activities this afternoon.

Grand Entry w head dancers 1.jpg

Grand Entry today.

Drum group 2.jpg

One of the drum groups at the pow wow in the contest.

Dancers Sat p.m. 1.jpg

Hundreds of dancers filled the arena today.

Judges and MCs 1.jpg

Left to right:  MCs Manny King and Howie Thomson with Arena Director, Michael Roberts and Head Drum Judge, Randall Paskemin.

Anita Evans 1.jpg

Anita Evans, left, was recognized as this year’s Honored Elder and is seen with her husband, Mando, and son, William.

Linda Tecumseh 1.jpg

PBPN’s Linda Tecumseh has a vendor booth this year.

Carol Dewitt family 1.jpg

Carol Dewitt (in regalia) surrounded by some of her family who came to the pow-wow this year.

Fancy shawl young girls 1.jpg

Young girl dancers.

dancer junior or teen boy 1.jpg

Junior boy dancer performing for the judges.

J Potts-Richelle-Chago 1.jpg

Working the pow-wow are, left to right, Jonathan Potts, Richele Pahmahmie and Chago Hale.

Begay jewelry 1.jpg

Jeremiah Begay and Amanda Neztsosie are selling jewelry and other items from the Grand Canyon area.  They are from the Navajo Nation.

drum group 1.jpg

Young Spirit drum group.

shade dancer 1.jpg

Dancer performs

Vendor area Sat. pm 1.jpg

More on tap for tonight and tomorrow!