Potawatomi Fire Department Educating Public on How to Stay Safe this Spring

May 07, 2010 –





MAYETTA:  It is spring again which has already created some volatile weather conditions. Heavy storms occurred last night and windy weather this past month has caused several wildfires in the area.   As a means of combating those problems, the Potawatomi Fire Department is working to ensure that  members in the community know how to cope with natural disasters and how to prevent the risk of fires from spreading on the lands.

On April 5 they sponsored a storm spotter training in the Stone Building that drew over 40 people to listen to Scott Whitmore, of the National Weather Service, talk about how to spot storms and to become part of the large spotter network across Kansas.  Individuals from the general public and the Mayetta, Jackson County EMS and PBPN fire and police departments were on hand to hear the presentation and to learn how to call storms in to the network.

The Fire Department has also been teaching courses on wild land management and issuing public service announcements in conjunction with the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Horton to coordinate efforts.  The following are a few tips they suggest below that can reduce the risk of fire:


Home safety-keep lawns mowed and clear of debris.  A green maintained lawn reduces the risk for fire


Carry a fire extinguisher on your farm equipment in case there is a spark ignition from a hot bearing, exhaust or contact with a rock


Always call your local fire department first to get a permit to burn for large piles of debris


Get burn permit for acre fires. Landowners and lessees of Federal Trust properties are also reminded to get a permit to burn off land from the BIA office in Holton.  Contact Rick Jones at 785.486.2161.


For more information about safety and fire prevention contact the Potawatomi Fire Department at 785.966.2461.