Photos from Earth Day

Predictor walk start 1.jpg

The 17th Annual Earth Day was held yesterday at Prairie Peoples Park. The most popular event was the Predictors walk where walkers predict what their individual times will be in a 3-mile stretch. 

Predictor winners 1.jpg

Neck and neck at the finish line of the walk was Matthew Buskirk (left) and Don Don LeClere who finished with a time of 34 minutes 22 seconds and 34 minutes 51 seconds respectively.

Girl runners 1.jpg

These girls were getting ready to participate in the girl’s running contest. 

Boy runners 1.jpg

Three of the boy runners.

bike race beginning 1.jpg

A bike race was one of the events.

EPA and Sogi 1.jpg

Craig Wahwahsuck, Osh LeClere and Sogi LeClere helped organize the races.  Craig and Osh work for the Division of Planning and EPA and Sogi directs the Language Department.

Linda Tecumseh 1.jpg

Linda Tecumseh had some creatively baked goods for sale. 

Language activity 1.jpg

The Language Department had a fun activity that involved using the Potawatomi language and getting some exercise.  In the foreground with backs to camera are instructors Sogi LeClere (left)  and Cindy LeClere.  The boy is Taylen LeClere.

Mary Leclere and door prize s 1.jpg

Mary LeClere shows off one of the door prizes which was a surge protector.  Mary is retired from the PBPN but can often be seen these days volunteering at events.

Raph Wahwasuck family 1.jpg

The Raphael Wahwassuck family had a great day and each one of them medaled.  Not pictured is Hannah Wahwassuck who also participated in this year’s Earth Day.

Carrie and dog 1.jpg

Tribal Council Member Carrie O’Toole.

Vendor exhibits 1.jpg

Several environmental information booths were available during the event.  

trophy table 1.jpg

The reigstration and trophy table.  Trophies were given for overall winners in each category.  A list of winners will be announced at a later date.