Photo Snaps of Weekend Happenings at the Rez

Lots of activities took place yesterday and today as seen in the following photographs.

We-Ta-Se hosts First District representatives for day tour

1st Distr. visit w S Ort10-2-09 1.jpg

Representatives from the First District American Legion had breakfast at the casino on Friday with We-Ta-Se members Benny Potts, Steve Ortiz, Francis Jenson and Emery Hale, who are the first four on the back row from  left to right.  Micki Martinez (PBPN) was also with the group and is fourth from left, sitting.

Human Resources launches a balloon release for National Breast Cancer Month

HR Balloon rel10-2-09 1.jpg

The launch of  balloons took place in front of the Government Center.  Several employees helped with the launch and Human Resources also held a bake sale.

The seventh annual Boys & Girls Golf Tournament fundraiser had 27 teams this year who golfed at Shawnee Country Club in Topeka on Friday.

Golf Tourney group shot 1.jpg

Group photo of players before the tournament began.

Today was the Youth Health Initiative at Prairie Peoples Park.  Former Olympian Barbara Jones Slater and American Indian Hall of Fame inductee Jerry Tuckwin were special guests.

Barbara Jones Slater-Steve Ortiz1.jpg

Barbara Jones Slater with Steve Ortiz, tribal chairperson.

Jerry Tuckwin leading exercises1.jpg

Jerry Tuckwin leading the kids in a morning exercise to get them warmed up.

Mayetta Pioneer Day is also today

Judy Darnall1.jpg

Tribal member Judy Darnell has been a driving force behind the Mayetta Business Association for many years and is also one of the principal organizers of this year’s community wide event that is celebrating Mayetta’s 123rd birthday.