Photo Snaps of Student Recognition Banquet

MAYETTA:  A large crowd gathered last night to celebrate 20 seniors and 24 eighth graders who are graduating from JOM schools that include Royal Valley, Rossville, Kickapoo Nation and Hayden.  Parents and other family members and friends ate fried chicken and other pot luck dishes in between celebrating their graduate’s accomplishments.

Below are photos taken at the event:

Cake 1.jpg

Brennah-Hannah 1.jpg

Trent Blalock 1.jpg

Mittena-Sierra 1.jpg

Boney and Brenda 1.jpg

Angie-Kristina-Kacie 1.jpg

kids w victor 1.jpg

Senior giveaways 1.jpg

Camilla-Carrie 1.jpg

Youth 1.jpg

Face ptg table 1.jpg

face pt 1.jpg

Jims 1.jpg

Kristen 1.jpg

Raph and Jim 1.jpg