Peacemakers-Healing to Wellness Court Swearing In Ceremony

MAYETTA:  A swearing-in ceremony was held today at the Judicial Center to swear-in members of the Peacemakers Circle and the Healing to Wellness Court.

Individuals who were sworn in to the Peacemakers Circle included Charles Jacobson, Angie Wahweotten, Betty Rice, Jean Howley, Lysette Morris, Robin Guerrero and Juanita Jessepe.


Peacemaker Circle members:  Left to right, Juanita Jessepe, Jean Howley, Robin Guerrero, Betty Rice, Angie Wahweotten, Charles Jacobson, and Lysette Morris.

Members who took the oath of office to be on the Healing to Wellness Court included Arlene Wahwasuck, Roselyn Hale, Joanna Mitchell, Norma Shipshee and Mary LeClere.

Heal to Wellness 1.jpg

Healing to Wellness Court members:  Left to right, Mary LeClere, Norma Shipshee, Joanna Mitchell, Roselyn Hale, Arlene Wahwasuck and Coordinator Raphael Wahwassuck.

Theresa Barr, Administrative Judge, conducted each oath of office and Tribal Council officers Jim Potter and Joyce Guerrero also participated in the event.

Betty Rice swear in 1.jpg

 The Healing to Wellness Court has been in existence since 2010 and is designed to work with offenders of alcohol and drug-related crimes through addressing Native American traditional and cultural values.  The goal of the court is to help individuals gain the tools and knowledge to become whole and healthy both mentally and physically.  The Court is administered by Raphael Wahwassuck, coordinator, whose office located in the Judicial Center.

The Peacemakers Circle is a small body of Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation members whose purpose is to resolve and mediate disputes by utilizing traditional, cultural and restorative methods.  It is a separate mediating branch of the Nation’s judicial system that was established by Tribal Council Resolution No. 2009-107.   The Peacemakers Circle is a voluntary system that may be used to resolve disputes and/or actions pending in the Tribal District Court.

Several members of the Tribal Council and other PBPN employees attended today’s event