PBPN’s Nïshnabemwen App available on Apple’s App Store

The Prairie Band Potawatomi Language and Cultural Department along with Thorton Media, Inc. are happy to announce the availability of the Nïshnabemwen iOS learning app, available through Apple’s App store. The app is developed for an iOS platform, meaning it is only usable on Apple iOS touch devices, such as, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
The Nïshnabemwen App’s main features are the 30 categories of language lessons, games, and quizzes.  Games and quizzes are available to suit learners at every level. A subsection of the Nïshnabemwen App includes a Cultural Notes section, which features: an audio section, where you can listen to songs in the Potawatomi Language; a video section, where you can listen to past and current speakers give a message to the people; and an images section where you can view historical photos.
Download of the app is available to anyone. To open the app, the user will require an Access Code and PIN.  After you download and install the app, you will be prompted for an Access Code and PIN.  Please call the PBPN Language and Cultural Department at (785)966-2138 or (785)966-0117, and staff will be happy to assist you with your Access Code and PIN.
Download Link:
The Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation would like to thank the fluent speakers, past and present, which generously shared their knowledge of the Potawatomi language with us. We hope the Nïshnabemwen App will encourage and support the language acquisition endeavors of all those using the app.
Funding for the development of PBPN’s Nïshnabemwen App is provided through a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Native Americans.  Grant #90NL0525-03-00.