PBPN Rez, So Fresh and So Clean

PBPN Earth Day Community Cleanup is Record Breaking

The 2016 PBPN Earth Day Community Cleanup set a new record for registered participants. The annual event was held on Friday, April 15, 2016. All participants began the event at the office of Planning and Environmental Protection to receive road assignments and event t-shirts. Fourteen teams signed up and together the participants cleaned the common land of 4,109 pounds of trash.

As an incentive, two awards were given. The first place team, “Clean Up Your Act Crew,” cleared an impressive 1,017 pounds of litter and were awarded with a pizza party.


The crew consisted of Thomasine Artega, Alan Brown, Lydia Brown, James Masquat, Cody Nozhackum, Verna Simon, Kathy Sterbenz, Matt Waits and Melinda Williamson.

Second place was awarded to the Building Maintenance Team, they bagged 617 pounds of trash and received a pie and coffee party.


The team members were Ernest Coleman (not pictured), Rob Lange, Tim Mendez, Pat Mills, Aiyana “Kibs” Throssell, Kristina Throssell, Maureen Throssell and Damon Wahquahboshkuk.

Teams and Totals:

Clean Up Your Crew Act 1,017 pounds
Building Maintenance 617 pounds
The Casino Team 422 pounds
Road and Bridge 343 pounds
Tribal Fire Department 288 pounds
TVS with BGC 280 pounds
Tribal Court & Food Distribution 274 pounds
Tribal Police Department 187 pounds
Prairie Band, LLC 165 pounds
Finance Department 159 pounds
Language Department 149 pounds
Cluster 2 Picker Uppers 133 pounds
Happy Helpers 75 pounds
Childcare Class D —

~~ Photo Gallery ~~

Fire Department Staff, Human Resources Staff and an I.T. guy
Lisa Wamego, Bert Vega, Marcus Tuckwin and a Casino Count Team Supervisor
The Boswell Family and Nathan Hale
Mayetta Propane staff, Burton Warrington, Jacob and Eva Wamego and Rockell Otero
Prairie Band Casino and Resort Staff included Thunderchild Thomas, Lara Waits, Lan Danielson, Dustin Haverkamp, Ruth Vega Harjo and Amber Olivera.
Kelly Hopkins, Tony Siebert, Kelly Mills, Krista Catron, Samantha Wahwassuck and Karen Kats.
Fire department staff
Lisa Thurman, Sylvia Johnson and Shawna Williams
Jim Garcia, Ellen Scales and David Noland
Cody Nozhackum rocking his Earth Day participation shirt.
Matthew Waits, James Masquat and team member.
Kelly Hopkins taking part in the clean up.
Gea Aitkens is all smiles while cleaning up the Rez.
Cheryl Hopkins, Kacie Boswell, Wyatt Boswell, Shirley Rice, Taryn Boswell, Madison Boswell, Mike Boswell, Anna Boswell and Kent Miller pitching in on Cleanup Day.
Damon Wahquahboshkuk and Pat Mills remove litter from the roadside.
Tim Mendez and Robbie Lange get in on the cleanup act.
Kristina Throssell fills her trash bag up with roadside waste.
Jacob “Tug” Wamego doing a thumbs up for a clean common land.
A bevy of beauties, Miyah Danielson, Gea Aitkens, Gaynell Jessepe, Maria Fairman and Maria Patterson, joined together to keep the rez free of debris.
Amber Olivera and Ruth Vega Harjo join forces to remove litter from the roadside.
Thunderchild “TC” Thomas gives a big cheese while collecting litter.
Members of the Police Department on Cleanup day.
Donita Mattwaoshshe and Dana Lewis take part in keeping the common land clean.