PBPN Members: Is Your Street Address Up to Date?

January 27, 2012 –


MAYETTA:  The Member Services Department mailed out 1099 forms (for 2011) to tribal members last week and a few have been returned due to having the wrong address.  If you have recently moved or have not received your 1099 form, please do the following:

Members are required to fill out and sign a change of address form with the department each time they move to a different street address.  The form can be downloaded online , filled out, and MUST include a handwritten signature of the tribal member enrolled to verify your enrollment authenticity.  It can either be mailed through the U.S. Post Office or hand-delivered to the Member Services Department that is located on the lower-level of the Government Center at 16281 Q Rd, Mayetta, KS 66509. Faxed copies are also acceptable at 785.966.3917.  The department also has forms available in their office.

“It is important that tribal members receive their 1099 form and other documents that are sent out by the department ,” said Arlene Lingo, director of Member Services.  “We’ve also got tribal elections coming up this year and election information is also sent through the mail.

For more information call 785.966.3934 or toll free at 877.715.6789 or email