PBPN App Now Available for Smartphones

August 30, 2022—

The Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation has partnered with Straxis Technology to develop a smartphone application that is now available from the App Store for iPhones and the Google Play Store for Android phones. The app is searchable in both app stores under the name “Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation.” Once installed, users can easily access many features through the app, including push notifications, group messaging, an events calendar, news, social media, and information from the PBPN website.

The push notification feature will be utilized to better facilitate mass communication for both emergent and non-emergent needs. All tribal members with smartphones are encouraged to install the app and enable push notifications to stay informed and connected.

To find the app for Apple devices, click on the App Store logo.

To find the app for Android devices, click on the Google Play logo.

— PBPN App Quickstart Video Tutorial —


— FAQ —

Q. Is this app available on all devices?
A. The PBPN app is available on both iPhones and Android phones through the App Store and Google Play Store, respectively.

Q. Can anyone download this app?
A. Yes, the app is available to the general public. Like the website, there is a portal for the Tribal Member Log In section that can only be accessed by Tribal Members.

Q. Why am I not receiving notifications?
A. In order to receive notifications, you must enable push notifications in your phone’s settings. When you first install the app, you should see a message asking you to allow push notifications. If you accidentally hit “Do Not Allow,” you can change this in your phone’s general settings by finding the PBPN app settings and enabling push notifications.

Q. How do I create a Group for messaging?
A. Not all users have the ability to create or manage Groups in the app. Department Directors and other PBPN employees may be approved for this ability. If you need to create a messaging Group for your department, please contact the Media Department for approval. If you have been approved for the Group Administrator role but still can’t create a group, be sure that you registered with your PBPN email address, and then contact the Media Department for further help.

Q. If I have a question or concern about the app, who should I contact?
A. The app is managed by the Media Department. You can email for help or feedback.